Questioning the difference between cactus and succulents is one of the most common experiences a new gardener – or simply a gardener new to cactus and succulents – has. After all, aren’t they one and the same thing? The answer, actually, is yes. To a certain extent, cactus and succulents are one and the same. The more involved answer is that they are very similar, but succulents are actually a “subgenre” of cactus. Not all cacti are succulents, in other words, but succulents can be cacti.

The main distinction between a succulent and a cactus is the name itself. When you think of the word “succulent”, you might envision a juicy steak or a ripe peach – something bursting at the seams with liquid and taste. The same idea holds true when you take the world and apply it to plants. Succulent plants are plants with fleshy leaves that hold water. This helps the plant to survive even when they must go periods of time without water. If you live in a naturally dry area, or even just an area where water is scarce and its use is restricted, succulents might be the best option for your garden.

Cactus, of course, also survive very well without much water. Either type of plant would be a nice, low maintenance choice for a garden in an area with a climate like Florida. The heat won’t bother the plants, and neither will any dry spells that happen to fall across the land. That means that you can have a beautiful garden without having to dump gallons and gallons of water in it every single day just to keep your plants alive. Additionally, don’t buy into the idea that cactus plants are not pretty! There are many different kinds of cactus plants, and many of them flower just as beautifully as any other flowering plant or tree.

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