At A One Stop Garden Shop, we have more varieties of sod than you will find at any other nursery or garden center in Palm Beach County, Florida. While St. Augustine Palmetto is arguably the most well-known type of sod, it certainly isn’t your only option!

If you are looking to update your landscaping with sods like St. Augustine Grass, Zoysiagrass, Bermudagrass, Bahia Grass or other popular sod varieties, contact the professionals at A One Stop Garden Shop. Give us a call at 561-784-7222 or stop by our garden center in Loxahatchee Groves, FL to learn about all of the high-quality sod we have available.

Refresh or Replace Your Lawn with High-Quality Sod Grass

Are you looking for a beautiful lawn that is soft to the touch, does well in warm climate and will last for years to come? Choosing a high-quality sod is important for both the appearance and longevity of your lawn or garden. If you invest in subpar or low-quality options, you might very well end up with a low-quality lawn that is susceptible to heat, rain and pests. Patchy and visibly dimming sod is not a pretty sight, after all, nor is it conducive to the overall health of your land. This is a serious problem, especially if you are attempting to create something truly special – a landscape design that you can be proud of.

There are several varieties of sod and turfgrass. Many of the varieties of sod we carry at our nursery have been bred and developed by Sod Solutions. We only sell certified varieties that are more drought tolerant, shade tolerant, cold tolerant, resistant to lethal viral necrosis and that overall have more desirable growth attributes.

Below are the types of sod we have available at our garden center.

St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass is arguably the most popular sod used in Palm Beach County and most areas of Florida. Its dark green color is very appealing to the eye and it grows to be very lush and soft. There are four varieties of St. Augustine grass that are cultivated. Below, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Palmetto® - St. Augustine Palmetto was first discovered in 1988 by a Florida sod grower. It is sometimes known as a “semi dwarf” due to its relatively short internode and habit, however it should be noted that is actually bigger than dwarf cultivars. That means it is not overly long, but also not overly short. It is a great option for the vast majority of landowners who are looking to give their property an overhaul without incurring high maintenance costs. Thanks to its length, it also appears more “plush” than other varieties of sod and is less prone to forming thatch. This is true even when the sod grows under full sun. Palmetto is known for its shade tolerance, drought tolerance, cold tolerance and is a good alternative to St. Augustine Floratam that can be affected by lethal viral necrosis, formally known as Sugarcane Mosaic Virus.

Another notable characteristic of St. Augustine Palmetto sod is its color! The sod yields a rich green blade and it stays that way long after all other types have faded. In fact, if there are no hard frosts, this particular variety of sod is able to remain green in temperatures below freezing level! In the Florida climate, that means that it will function essentially as an evergreen, remaining lush and appealing year-round.

Floratam - St. Augustine Floratam is probably the most common grass you’ll find in Florida. Like all St. Augustine sod, it is very easy to maintain, shade tolerant, drought tolerant, does well with sand, clay or muck soil, offers good weed control and is a beautiful emerald green color. You’ll often see this type of grass used in residential landscaping, as well as golf courses, parks and commercial properties.

Seville - Seville St. Augustine grass is a lesser known variety, but still offers the same great benefits as other St. Augustine sods. It’s dark green color, low mowing height and tolerance for shade make it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial properties. It’s very easy to grow and deals well with the warm Florida climate. It is a dwarf cultivar and should be kept between two and two and a half inches when mowing.


Zoysiagrass is also a very common choice for Florida homeowners as it is tolerant to shade, drought and foot traffic. They don’t typically require much in the way of maintenance and are resistant to many insects and diseases. Below are the varieties of Zoysia we carry at One Stop.

EMPIRE Turf®EMPIRE Turf Zoysiagrass is a beautiful, low maintenance grass, perfect for warm climates. It handles droughts extremely well, has a good tolerance for shade and wear. One of the best features of EMPIRE Turf is its high resistance to insects and disease. It is blue-green in color, very soft and perfect for sandy or clay soils. This Zoysiagrass is great for homes, golf courses and commercial properties.

Zorro - Zorro Zoysiagrass is beautiful, versatile and durable, making it a great option for both residential and commercial properties. It is well known to be shade tolerant, drought tolerant, wear tolerant, resistant to insects, weeds and disease. Zorro is a deep green color, very soft and does best for lawns with sandy or clay soil.

Zeon® - If your goal is soft grass under your feet, Zeon Zoysiagrass is the right grass for you. The fine grass blades and textures are perfect for walking on and have been specially developed for providing a high quality turfgrass that has a high shade tolerance and is low maintenance. This grass was even used in the 2016 Olympics! While typically used in golf courses, parks and commercial type landscaping, this deep green grass is becoming more and more popular for residential landscaping throughout Palm Beach County.

Geo™ - Geo Zoysiagrass is another great choice for residential landscaping. It is one of the most shade tolerant Zoysiagrasses and wears extremely well. This type of grass requires some maintenance as it grows quickly. Geo grass is very insect resistant, considered good for weed control and disease resistance. It works best with sandy or clay soils and is a lovely dark green color.


One of the top choices for turfgrass is Bermudagrass. While it can be used both for residential and commercial landscape, Bermudagrass is an excellent option for golf courses, parks, sports fields and high traffic areas. It is very durable, resistant to drought, disease and insects. Below are some of our favorite varieties.

Latitude 36™ - Latitude 36 Bermudagrass was developed by Oklahoma State University. It is both extremely tolerant to wear and drought and is a perfect choice for sports, parks or commercial spaces where there is a lot of traffic. It’s also great for homes with lots of soccer playing!

Celebration® - Celebration Bermudagrass is a gorgeous dark blue-green grass that is well known for its wear and drought tolerance. It has very good weed control, insect and disease resistance, and is very tolerant to shade. Used for parks, golf courses, commercial and residential landscaping, Celebration sod grass does best with sandy or clay soils.

Tifway419 - Tifway419 Bermudagrass is one of the top choices for golf and sports turf. It grows fast, it’s extremely durable and has a quick recovery time. It is disease resistant, good with weed control, shade tolerant, drought tolerant and very soft. Tifway419 is blue-green in color, easy to maintain and a great option for residential landscaping.

Argentine Bahia Grass

Bahia grass is sometimes referred to as Pensacola grass, however, there are three types of Bahia grass available in the United States. At One Stop, we only carry Argentine Bahia Grass, a beautiful dark green, dense sod. Argentine Bahia Grass is a popular choice for residential landscaping due to its ability to handle both cold and warm temperatures, be resistant to disease and insects and doesn’t require a lot of watering. It is drought resistant and perfect for sandy soil.

While it may be lesser known that other sods and turfgrass, it is still a wonderful option for residential ladscape which is why we sometimes recommend this sod to homeowners in the South Florida area.

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