Are you looking to find Lawn and Garden Improvement Near Me? Perhaps your bumpy, lumpy, pale, and patchy weed-covered lawn is practically begging you to bring it back to life. If you won’t take a moment to look beyond the surface to resolve the issues that cause it to look less-than-stellar, your lawn could die a natural death. Let’s take a closer look at the probable reasons why your lawn looks ugly.

The Soil Quality is Poor

Whether you like it or not, it really is all about the soil. It’s important to make sure that your lawn’s soil favors turf growing conditions. You can do this by testing it every 3 to 5 years for its nutrient content, cation exchange capacity, and pH. By doing so, you track its improvements and alter the program when necessary. Also, for soil structure to improve, some people perform practices that involve soil amendments such as top-dressing or aerating.

The Soil is Compacted

 The usual causes of soil compaction are a high foot or vehicle traffic and poor soil composition. When the soil is excessively compacted, the airspace that’s required for optimum plant growth is reduced. This can lead to a thin turf that’s prone to weed growth, pests, and diseases. One way to fix this is to have your lawn aerated or top-dressed.

The Drainage is Poor

If your lawn has poor drainage, don’t be surprised if you spot moss or ground ivy on it. This is a common problem with soils that have heavy clay content because there’s nowhere for the excess water to go. Waterlogged soil can interfere with the functions within your lawn’s root zone. To correct this, you’ll need to drain the water away by installing perforated piping.

It’s Mowed too Short

Your plants’ growth center gets damaged if you mow the lawn too short. If you want to have a full, lush lawn, you’ll need to mow high to maintain a healthy root system that can withstand heat and drought. Never mow your lawn shorter than 3”. 

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