Published: November 20, 2018, 11:39am | Modified: June 19, 2019, 1:40pm

Many people landscaping in South Florida are interested in landscaping with palm trees but need more information on the different species. Here is some basic info on common palms found in South Florida.

Pygmy Date Palm

Native from South China, the Pygmy Date Palm is one of the most widely used in Florida landscaping. This palm is both great for indoor and outdoor use and perfect for small gardens. The Pygmy Date is a slow growing palm that gets to about ten feet. When planted in groups, the trees tend to curve outward from one another in a graceful manner.

Foxtail Palm

The Foxtail Palm, native to Australia, features one of the best foliage displays of all palms. This fast-growing palm can get up to 30 feet in height with about eight to ten arching leaves per palm, reaching lengths of six to ten feet. Due to their easy maintenance, the Foxtail is among one of the most popular palms in this region. Plant your Foxtails in partial shade to full sun for maximum growth. Foxtails can tolerate cold down to 30°F but should be protected from frost if possible.

European Fan Palm

Commonly referred to as the Mediterranean Fan Palm or the Dwarf Fan Palm, the European Fan Palm is an excellent choice for a palm that can withstand cooler weather in Florida. This palm can easily be planted in zones 9-11 as it can withstand temperatures that reach a staggeringly low 5°F. In addition to withstanding the drop-in degrees, the European Fan Palm is wind resistant, making it the perfect cold resistant tropical plant.

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