Published: October 30, 2018, 10:03pm | Modified: June 19, 2019, 11:54am

Autumn is a perfect season for some DIY tasks in your garden. You won’t feel the summer heat but still the soil contains a bit of its warmth so it’s a great time to start planting.

  1. Protect and fertilize your lawn

This is one of the most important things you have to do in your garden in autumn. If you fertilize your lawn it will stay green and healthy through the whole year. Specialists say that you have to fertilize the lawn twice a year and autumn is a best moment for this procedure. It protects the lawn during the cold days of winter and what would it be more beautiful than seeing some white snow flakes on the green grass, just in your garden?!

  1. Prune trees

Pruning the trees from your garden is also an important activity because in this way you ecourage a healthy growth, flowering and, for sure, a good looking. Forthermore, it is a way of promoting crop growth in case of fruit trees. Watch some videos or read some pieces of information for begginers before starting pruning the trees in order to avoid demaging the tree and to choose the correct tools.

  1. Plant fruit trees

Nothing compares with the feeling of having a fruit directly from you garden and it’s not so hard to plan a fruit tree and help it grow. Apple trees, for example, suit all kind of gardens, no matter of the size as well as pears and plums. Choose a sunny spot for the trees you are going to plant. In this way you will maximize the time fruit has to ripen. And don’t forget about the drainage of the soil.

Steps to plant a fruit tree: dig a hole (twice as wide and deep as the roots), add compost, place the tree, water it. In the end, add mulch or support the tree if it is needed.

  1. Plant bulbs

Design is an important step when you want to plant bulbs. Draft a way of planting the flowers in accordance with their characteristics and period of blooming. Plant low bulbs in front of the high ones or create a double-decker effect. Another good ideea is to plant them in clusters. If you plant just one bulb, or a short line along the walk lanes, the impact won’t be the same as when you plant them in clusters. If you don’t have enough bulbs for a big, red carpet of tulips, create small clusters, in the same colour or as a splash of colors. In the spring you will love them.

Bulbs that can be plated during fall time: Autumn Crocus, Blueballs, Daffodils, Tulips, Jonquils, Hyacinth, Gladiolus and Iris.

  1. Use the dry leaves

You can use the leaves by shreding them. First of all, let them dry and than use a lawn mower to chop them intro small pieces. In this way you can have an excellent mulch which will feed the soil. Spread it and it will form a solid mat, blocking water and cold air getting through to the soil.