A One Stop Garden Shop has a wide variety of pottery and fountains to choose from. We carry everything from small pots, large pots and planters, to decorative pots, sculptures, Chimineas, and much more! Come in to see our full display of what we have to offer in pottery. Our sculptures add beauty and class to any landscape, and our decorative clay pottery really brings your yard and garden up a notch, adding detail and texture to the otherwise plain pots and planters. Looking for a fire feature? Chimineas are a great addition to any deck, porch or garden. Not only does it provide aesthetic appeal, but it also works like a fireplace, providing warmth outdoors on colder nights, and can function as an outdoor oven as well. If you're looking for something else try adding a fountain to your landscape. Fountains add a touch of elegance to any garden or landscape. The sound of the water provides a serene, natural ambiance. The continuously moving water also helps with bug control since the water is being filtered, so it’s difficult for eggs to survive, and it keeps the water clear longer. We have everything from outdoor decorative fountains for your garden, to fountains for ponds, tanks, and more! View our gallery to see some examples of what we have to offer.